How to burn music on a cd on a mac

To burn music from CDs on a Mac, make sure iTunes is open and that your current music library is loaded. In the Library toolbar, select the Burn tab. Click the Burn Music button and locate your music CD in your computer’s drive. Select it and click the Burn Disk Image button. You may need to choose a destination for burning (such as an external hard drive or USB flash drive) and then enter an appropriate name for the disk image. When finished, click Finish to create the disk image.

How to print in black and white on a mac

There is no specific formula for printing in black and white on a Mac, as the process depends on what type of printer you have and your preferences.
However, some tips to get started include adjusting the printer settings to print in grayscale (black & white only), changing the paper size if necessary, and choosing a low resolution if desired.

How do you create a zip file on a mac

First, open an application like “QuickZip” or “The Unarchiver”. Select the files and folders you want to zip, then click on the right-hand icon. This will show a selection of options for compression. The most common option is “7z”. Click on it and wait while the program zips all your selected items.