How to import photos from iphone to mac without usb

There are a few ways to import photos from an iPhone or iPad to a Mac, depending on the device and software you’re using.
In macOS Sierra or later, you can use the Photos app to import photos directly from an iPhone or iPad. Just open the Photos app, select your device in the source list below the main window, and click Import. (You can also use key commands – see our article How to Add Images From Your Keyboard for more information). If you’re using an older version of macOS, you may need to use Apple’s File Exchange feature instead. In File Exchange, connect your iOS device to your Mac and launchFile Exchange > Devices. On your iOS device, tap Import Photos and Video and follow the

How to download a video from youtube on a mac

There are a few different ways that you can download videos from YouTube on a Mac.
1. Click the YouTube video link that you want to download.
2. Hold down the “Command” key and click the video link.
3. In the resulting window, select “Download Video As….”
4. A new window will open, into which you will need to paste the Youtube video address (not the full URL).
5. Select “MPEG-4” as your desired format and click “Open”.
6. If prompted by YouTube, authorize YouTube to access your computer’s videos and files before clicking “OK.”

How to connect mac to tv wirelessly without apple tv

There are a few ways to connect your Mac to your TV wirelessly without using Apple TV. One way is to use an external media player or receiver like the Airport Express. Another option is to use a home network and connected Wi-Fi routers. For example, you can connect your computer and television with a Ethernet cable or through Wireless-AC technology built into most newer routers.

How to backup a mac to an external hard drive

One way to backup a Mac computer is to use Time Machine. To start Time Machine, choose System Preferences from the Apple Menu and select “Time Machine”. Click the “Startup Disk” icon next to the drive name in the list of mounted drives and insert an unused external drive with at least 20 GB capacity. If you have more than one external hard drive, you can use them all or partition an extra disk and attach it to your MacBook Air or Mini. After starting Time Machine, choose File->New Time Machine Backup… Select your Mac computer(s) and click Next. Enter a name for your backup file (e.g., “Backups”), choose whether to include system data, applications data,

How to set up automatic reply in outlook for mac

Auto reply can be set up in Outlook for Mac by following these steps:
1. In the email window, click on the gear icon and select “Preferences”.
2. Under “Mail”, click on ” Automatic Replies “.
3. Type a message that will be used as the auto reply and press OK .
4. Click on the checkbox next to “Automatically send an automatic reply when I get an email” and press OK .

How to print in black and white on a mac

There is no specific formula for printing in black and white on a Mac, as the process depends on what type of printer you have and your preferences.
However, some tips to get started include adjusting the printer settings to print in grayscale (black & white only), changing the paper size if necessary, and choosing a low resolution if desired.