How to update mac from 10.10 to 10.13

There is no direct update path from macOS 10.10 to macOS 10.13, as these operating systems use different versions of the MacOS kernel, Core runtime, and XCode development environment. However, you can upgrade to macOS 10.11 from macOS 10.10 using the appropriate installation media and tools supplied with that version of macOS (or available online), then install macOS 10.12 using the same procedure.

How to make a pareto chart in excel 2016 mac

In order to create a pareto chart in Excel 2016 Mac, first open the Excel window and select the data that you want to graph. Next, Click on the Insert/Chart tab and then selecting Pareto Charts from the dropdown list. On the next window, you will be asked how many categories you want to display on your chart. Select either 20 or 30 as whichever number better meets your needs. Finally, click on OK button to continue with creating your pareto chart.

How much partition for windows 10 on mac for gaming

There is no definitive answer to this question because it depends on what type of gaming you plan on doing and your own personal preferences. Some people might prefer to have more space for programs and other data, while others might be more concerned about having enough room for their games. Ultimately, you will need to figure out what works best for you personally.

How do you create a zip file on a mac

First, open an application like “QuickZip” or “The Unarchiver”. Select the files and folders you want to zip, then click on the right-hand icon. This will show a selection of options for compression. The most common option is “7z”. Click on it and wait while the program zips all your selected items.

How do i add a printer to my mac air

This information is specific to Lion. To add a printer to your Mac computer, follow these steps: 1. In the “System Preferences” application, click on ” printers and print servers “. 2. Click on the “Add Printer” button . 3. Locate the printer that you want to add and click on it. 4. Enter the necessary information for connecting to the printer, such as its IP address or interface name . 5. If you’re using a network printer, enter the shared folder path and port number where the printer is located . 6.Click on “Print”. 7. Select which documents should be printed by clicking on their respective icons in the upper-left corner of each document window . 8 9 IMPORTANT

How to import photos from iphone to mac without usb

There are a few ways to import photos from an iPhone or iPad to a Mac, depending on the device and software you’re using.
In macOS Sierra or later, you can use the Photos app to import photos directly from an iPhone or iPad. Just open the Photos app, select your device in the source list below the main window, and click Import. (You can also use key commands – see our article How to Add Images From Your Keyboard for more information). If you’re using an older version of macOS, you may need to use Apple’s File Exchange feature instead. In File Exchange, connect your iOS device to your Mac and launchFile Exchange > Devices. On your iOS device, tap Import Photos and Video and follow the

How to download a video from youtube on a mac

There are a few different ways that you can download videos from YouTube on a Mac.
1. Click the YouTube video link that you want to download.
2. Hold down the “Command” key and click the video link.
3. In the resulting window, select “Download Video As….”
4. A new window will open, into which you will need to paste the Youtube video address (not the full URL).
5. Select “MPEG-4” as your desired format and click “Open”.
6. If prompted by YouTube, authorize YouTube to access your computer’s videos and files before clicking “OK.”