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“McDwiff is great to use, fast, easy, simple, and it works. Thumbs up!”

“Thank you...I am over the moon! Keep up the good work!” J. Pilling, UK

“Works perfectly! Great app!” Gonzalo M., USA

“I've been waiting a very, very long time for something like this. Great job so far! Keep it up!!”
R. Viegas, NC

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L. Palmer, UT

“The best money I ever spent!”
M. Deep, Switzerland

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McDwiff is an iPad and Mac viewer for Autodesk DWF files. As of Jan 31 2014, however, Autodesk's Freewheel server has been discontinued, which means McDwiff no longer works. :( We're keeping this site here in case that changes at a later date. Thanks for your interest in McDwiff!