How to connect a mac to a tv without hdmi

There are a few ways to connect your mac to a TV without using HDMI. One is to use an Apple Composite AV Cable which will send the audio and video signals over the same cable. Another option is to use an existing VGA or HDMI connection between your Mac and TV. Some TVs have “optical digital input” ports that allow you to directly connect your Mac via these ports.

How to connect a mac mini to a macbook pro

There are a few different ways to connect a Mac Mini to a Macbook Pro. Using an Optical cable – this will allow you to transfer photos and music between the devices, or use Airplay if you have an Apple TV 4th Gen or later. You can also use Bluetooth if your devices are both compatible with the feature. Finally, you can connect wirelessly using Wifi or Ethernet cables.

How should i format my external hard drive for mac

There are several different ways you could format your external hard drive for use with a Mac. You could choose to format it as a Mac formatted drive, which would allow you to use it with the Finder and various other Mac applications. Alternatively, you could use the Windows File Explorer app on your Mac to format it as a Windows drive, which would let you access files in Windows applications and share files between your Mac and PC.

How much milk to put in kraft mac and cheese

Most boxed mixes have a suggested serving size of one cup, but the amount of milk that goes into Kraft mac and cheese can vary quite a bit. Some recipes call for as little as half a cup, while others call for up to three cups. Experiment until you find a recipe that tastes good to you and adjust the amounts of milk accordingly.